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No really.WTF is going on here?!


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 36 Pics

Lol oh my gosh


Coffee…. I have finally become a coffee addicted member of society. Thanks 30.

For any of the guys out there wondering...

She Likes Her Coffee With An Extra Kick

Photoshop done right. Some of these look legit, too. This is hilarious!

When you buy a #suit you have to make sure it will look good throughout every stage of the night... #funny #meme


So much yes here XD

I almost cried I laughed so hard at this. Perhaps because it reminds me of something my husband would do ;)

what boxes


I can't stop laughing!!!!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics

F*ck that!

The V…haaa!!!

Waiting for Jesus to take him away from this nonsense

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 105 Pics