I loved Weekly Reader

childhood drink - loved these oh so sweet drinks

I loved Captain Kangaroo.

You can hear it right now, can't you?

Blackboards with cursive writing letters above

The smell of paste takes me right back to Mrs. Hines' first grade classroom in 1967.

School safety patrol...power!

Hello filmstrips!

School book orders. loved

Used to get these at Hallowe'en.

Carbon Paper

Dick and Jane readers

The Weekly Reader. Looked forward to these as a child

Buster Brown Shoes--everybody had a pair

hahaha. Loved this show. :-)

I loved these.

Savings passbook...I got one when I started delivering papers

Please tell me someone else remembers this.

Petti Pants. We wore these instead of a slip. They were the fad in 1964/65

Loved these guys

How true this is!