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And thus ensued marshmallow murals, glitter in hair, watching the stars, faces on trees, and every lovable little thing they could think of, because really, who's to stop them.

Yeah...or sleeping with my honey's pillow after he leaves for love his sexy scent...oh baby!

This is where I tell the people shopping with me to keep their mouths shut and walk away quickly... lol.

Just Little Things if i could afford to actually do this, this would be a very happy moment

He always used to ask me how I always smell so good.

The best thing ever! and this site is so cute and neat.

can never get them to fit the same all the time, usually perfect when they come out of the wash then always seem to get looser as the day goes on :)

TOTALLY!!!!! Or in the air, or in someone else's clothes... anywhere, but it reminds you of him... :)

Love this.. especially since I'm afraid of the dark and I'm dependent on technology

I especially love that feeling now, after having stepped on glass so many times in the past 4 months