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Tail shot.

Another beautiful shot of a British Spitfire WWII aircraft - the plane that saved England. "Never in history have the acts of so few done so much for so many.

That's why they call it a Spitfire!

That's why they call it a Spitfire! Actually, the guns would "spit fire". The engine only did this during startup.


Mustang Photograph by John Hamlon - Mustang Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

And still no model number.  Oopp, I just got it! I really think that I did this time!  You actually found it?!? :)

Daddy had a wooden propeller hanging on the wall of our living room. In the center of it was a clock that never worked. Ah, memories!

bmashina: “Fighter-reconnaissance P-43C Lancer ”

bmashina: “Fighter-reconnaissance P-43C Lancer ”

Wings in the sky

Thunderbolt What you get when you make the machine gun first and then, ask someone to design an aircraft around it. The gun is longer than the fuselage.

historicaltimes: “ Soviet Air Force pilot Valentin Privalov flies his jet fighter under a bridge on the river Ob, in Siberia, June 4th, 1965. ”

Photo: Russian stunt pilot Valentin Privalov flying under the central span the bridge over river Ob (June 1965 )


The Avro Lancaster was the best and the most famous four-engine bomber British World War II. Born in 1941 as the twin-engine bomber estate failed Avro Manchester.