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  • Pamela Morgan

    Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition: Joseph Heller...very favorite book.

  • Erica Callaghan

    Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition by Joseph Heller, ~Amazons 100 Books to Read

  • AllAboutPreppers

    This is one of my favorite novels, and one of the only novels that I couldn't help laughing out loud as I read it. At the time, I was in the military, and I could really identify with the every day absurdities of war, and military life. Catch22 50th Anniversary Edition | Online Prepper Store

  • Turkey's For Life

    Catch 22 is favourite book for both of us. Would love to get hold of a copy of this 50th Anniversary Edition - $11

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This was one of the best books I've ever read... another Nazi Germany Love story but fantastic!

Vampire premise, but not your typical vampire book. Butler has complex characters and forces readers to look again at their values and assumptions.

Mort, by Terry Pratchett. All of the Discworld books are funny, thought-provoking, and clever. It's a shame that such a brilliant author has Alzheimer's disease. I wish you well, Terry. May you greet Death like an old friend. :o)

Book recommendations for if you like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars, or The Great Gatsby

So, this is the book that started me down the path to... somewhere...So much better than Catcher In the Rye that they don't even dwell in the same literary universe. I never have understood how this cosmic misunderstanding took place. THIS was supposed to be the book that shaped a generation. Someone's idea of a joke, I guess...

11 YA Books That Will Make You Cry -- Oh, the feels!

11/22/63 by Stephen King. One of the best books I have read this year!

One of the best "how to be creative" books I've read. Down to earth, practical, no tricks, no "Secret", just hard work and digging down to hit that creative core of an idea.

I was once worried that maybe I'll get TOO addicted with books. But then I went "NAH! Books keep me alive anyway. Might as well live a life outside reality." ♥

New books out April 2014: Romantic thrillers, a new Fifty Shades-esque series, a modern guide to decoding guys, and a novel with J.K. Rowling's stamp of approval . . . what more could you ask for?