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A great way to introduce ten-frames, tape off a ten-frame (s) on the floor and a have the kiddos fill them in. You can add or subtract students as you please.

Oh, that's BRILLIANT. Learning Adventures: Numbers on Ten Frames - make a life size 10 frame.

One student throws a ball. They fill the tens frame with the number they landed on. The other student needs to figure out how many more is needed to complete the tens frame. Then write the number sentence on the board.

Toss a beanbag on a number on the snowman, kids make it in the 10 frame with snowflakes. Adapt this and write teen numbers on snowman and have kids fill in the ten frame to build the number

Popsicle tens frames - image only. Easy idea for number sense and early addition.

Love these interactive Popsicle stick tens frames. Easy idea for number sense and early addition.

Brilliant! Use black paper plates to make giant ten frames.

Use plates to make a giant ten frame! Maybe use tape on the floor to create the frame to put the plates in

teaching tally marks

To do this activity you need: exactly 55 tally sticks (wooden craft sticks) and basic number cards 1 through The child is to lay out the tally sticks to represent the numbers on the cards. If laid out correctly, the child will use all the tally sticks.

Fabulous Dollar Store Finds!!

Fabulous Dollar Store Finds

Little Minds at Work: Fabulous Dollar Store Finds! Some really great ideas for how to use dollar store items in the classroom! Love the dollar store for classroom stuff :)

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Math

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Math

Year 2 - Solve simple addition & subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental & written strategies Commutative Property, Building to Doubles, Tens facts, Adding 10

All About Number ___ Anchor Chart

Charts to make when introducing numbers. Idea: use all about the number for math journal entries