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This is a photo of a tattoo I got in March of 2011 that depicts an image of the Chinese goddess of the moon, Chang’e. I decided to get a tattoo depicting a Chinese goddess because Chinese is my major ethnicity, and in researching images of goddesses, she stood out. It’s my favorite tattoo I have (so far). It was done by Darian, who used to work at the shop Aberration Tattoo: www.aberrationtat... Last I heard he had moved to somewhere in Arizona, so it was touched

tattoo of audrey kawasaki illustration - Exciting, I just found mint tins with her illustrations, sold locally out of a flea-market!

work by Thomas Hooper at Saved Tattoo. ink, tattoo, intricate design, pattern, black and white

Owl Tattoo...simple, girly and cute. I think i'd change the eye design...and I DEFINITELY want color.

Got this one done at 27 in Salt Lake City!! Miss Amanda did it for me and she is fucking awesome, along with all the rest of the artists down there at 27! I’ve always loved ancient Egyptian artwork and the symbolism behind everything, so this design was just perfect!

This is just a stencil. But complete and in dark green would complete me, aaaaah so amazing

Just the outline of one of three roses. The rose is a symbol of love, but it is also a symbolic carrier of secrets and understanding.

Traditional Japanese tattoo