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home sweet "Candy's" home...(Candy Spelling)

Candy Spellings Mansion

The Spelling Mansion⭐️Luxury Mansions.dot.com⭐️

Spelling Manor - 8 car garage with rooftop rose garden

home sweet home. @Antonia Balestra.net

Ein fantastisches Eigenheim für unsere Jackpot-Jäger. Gewinner mehr auf www.Lottoland.com

Candy Spelling Mansion $150,000,000

Luxury Living

Perfection: No detail was overlooked during the expensive make-over

Say what you will about her Tori Spelling can decorate the shit outta her houses. Master bedroom inspiration (Uhh when I have one!)

modern kitchen design in elegant and modern Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s house, Photo modern kitchen design in elegant and modern Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s house Close up View.

Candy Spelling and her husband ( Aaron ) bought the property in the early 1980s and tore down the existing house to build the French chateau-style home in 1991. The home has a double staircase inspired by "Gone With the Wind." It was considered the largest home in Los Angeles by far when it was built. Los Angeles, CA

TORI SPELLING'S Home Tori Spelling has been busy. This week she announced that she and husband Dean McDermott are expecting their third child in the fall. Their new show “Tori & Dean: Storibook Weddings” premiered on Oxygen earlier this month. And they just put their house on the market in Encino.

The Manor is owned by Candy Spelling palace, the mother of actress Tori Spelling. Read more: http://www.howtobuildahouseblog.com/luxury-and-opulence-top-10-most-expensive-houses-in-the-world/#ixzz3YLD7gNxW


Brooklyn based artist Julia Chiang uses a wide variety of materials in her sculpture and installation based work, including nostalgic and sweet ring pops. The colorful candy has been used by Chiang in a number of works often employed as pixels spelling out words. The candy jewels atop the rings melts over time under gallery lights and slowly drips down the walls.


Vera Wang

SHUT THE EFF UP!!! Hmm, I bet her Daddy has DEEP pockets! lol. It is Stunning though!

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