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I love her Witch Degree tattoos on her left arm! I haven't seen anybody else with them besides me :) She's a 4th degree!

Usually I don't love large foot tattoos because I feel like they look misplaced. Strangely enough, I really like this one and the way the design continues up into the toe; it seems like it fits.

Henna Tattoos. I want something like this on my back next summer!

This! Extend it onto the toes (ouch), finally found the placement for my om tattoo.

Mehndi aka Henna, wow on the back, that's different... could be hot on your wedding night (Indo-Pak brides)

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lotus henna.. I know its not a tattoo but id love to get a tattoo design similar one day.

Mehndi..... the design work is awesome! The terms Mehndi & henna can be interchanged, but really Mehndi is the use of the henna plant in 'tattooing or dying of the hair'.

Such precision! Henna by Heartfire Henna I'd like to learn how to get this paste and cone combination...

I like the look of these but i probably would get it on my hand. Maybe the pattern inside another tattoo.