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    Mitch McConnell meant the American health care system for congress. The health care system that congress voted itself is the best in the world.

    awesome response!

    Gender is not an excuse to treat anyone as less.

    This has to be the US My health care is free I live in Canada we do pay higher taxes than the US I believe. but Canada is a sane comfortable and kind country and best of all we have a gun law

    Republican Jobs Plan

    Welcome to the United States of Uninsured

    Dont forget all the preventive care covered for children free of charge as well! Took both of my kids in for well visits today and saved $40 in co-pays!


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    ... before the affordable care act. - - NEVER FORGET!

    The truth of the matter... Health insurance is compensation for services rendered!

    Mental health services

    And remember this: Medicare only uses @ 4% to administer health care while the rest goes to real health care. Some insurance companies spend from 30-50% in administrative/overhead costs alone!!!!

    capitalism and health care are like oil and water


    The ACA helps uninsured people get affordable health coverage. ACA changes take place between now and 2014. The ACA DOES NOT APPLY to illegal immigrants. Source: reform.healthfoun...

    ... and don't call Obamacare an entitlement. Entitlement implies a handout for something you don’t deserve. We pay for Obamacare... with our tax dollars!

    And yet the Republicans think we must cut Social Security and Medicare! Mustn't inconvenience these corporations that are pouring millions into their campaign coffers!

    Great infographic about the importance of education