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fun photo/drawing combo

fun photo/drawing combo - wish I could draw like this. I may play with this idea maybe with a much less detailed photo.

While scrolling, this image captured my attention because it includes both photography and illustration. It shows a liquid splashing and pouring of someone's hand. This picture has very little color. Even though it is very simple it is also very intriguing. This design is a very good representation of how it is not necessary for something to be detailed and bright for it to be meaningful.

I like how drawing and photography was used at the same time. Although this was tried a lot of times, the fact that both types (photography and pencil drawing) can be used helps widen the possibilities for a design.

Time 4 Learning - Optical illusion Drawing on lined paper! :)

15 Ingenious Objects You Can 3d Print At Home

Funny pictures about Lined Paper Art. Oh, and cool pics about Lined Paper Art. Also, Lined Paper Art photos.

geo DIY - folded paper

Make your own DIY paper pattern by cutting, and stick over pretty magazine paper

In this image, I can see a woman's face has been cut and as it reaches the top of her head, the pieces start to fly away and scatter. This would have been done using scissors and maybe glue to keep each piece in place -over all, this image has been photographed (the woman's face), created, and then photographed again.

Collage // portrait / fragmentation grade Students can cut up self-portrait photograph after they finish their drawings and have an accompanying piece. Collage with text?

Collage with Klimt style patterns

This is one of my all time favourite pieces that I have done with a class. I adore Klimt and came up with this idea that involves: Splodgin.

#humeurdujour #ledeclicanticlope / Un peu perdue ... Via dirtyprettything.tumblr.com

When you feel bad your mind continues to focus on all the parts of your life that seem to not be working. Then you feel even worse. This all continues until you wake up to the fact that your self-image is just a mental idea. It is just a concept