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Rainbow Trifle. 1) Purple cake + Blueberries + Boysenberries + Raspberries 2) Blue cake 3) Green cake + Key Lime Pie Yogurt + Whipped Cream + Lime Juice 4) Yellow cake + Pineapple Tidbits 5) Orange cake + Mandarin Oranges 6) Red cake + Sliced Strawberries 7) Whipped cream + Chocolate "Gold" Coins *Put vanilla pudding and whipped cream between each layer. * Mix up a white cake mix, divide into 6 bowls and make each color with food coloring. *Fun for St. Patrick's Day!

Short Sleeve Skirt. I took the sleeve of a L t-shirt and made my 3 yr old daughter a skirt! I had her step into one of the sleeves and I cut it off the t-shirt that was hanging down to leave the skirt at the length that I wanted. I had her slip it off and trimmed it to make the cut a little more uniform. I could have left it like that for a little play skirt, but decided to add a scrap of fabric to hide a few seams, and a fabric flower to spruce it up! So fast and easy and cute!

My 3yr old daughter and I sat down at the computer and I had her pick out clip art images that represented some of her favorite activities. We printed them, cut them out, and put them in a little box. Every day during my son's morning nap she gets to pick one of the activities for us to do together. She loves it and I love spending time with her one-on-one doing things that she enjoys :0)

inexpensive but fun Christmas gift for neighbors and such... "thanks for letting us pop in" **white chocolate drizzled over kettle corn and topped with mint M&Ms;**

earring holder.

My sister and I made these for a younger brother who loves magic tricks and will soon be serving a mission. Secret pockets on the back of the tie. He loved 'em :0)

Easy and cheap way to decorate---yarn! Comes in a variety of colors, doesn't matter if it gets tangled and can be reused.

photo booth heart garland

snowflake jar-- just wrote his name in hot glue, painted the jar and sprinkled it with fake snow. My husband wanted magnets so I made them out of bottle caps and stuck them on top. (I used this to "wrap" some of his other presents)

jars + hot glue + pink paint + rhinestones + glitter + ribbon = Valentine's candle holders.

Groundhog Peanbutterfinger Trifle-- a combination of a few Pinterest ideas.

fabric flower wreath