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She's so cute. Japanese shichi go san festival.



Girl Dressed in Kimono, Shichi-Go-San Festival (Festival for Three, Five, Seven Year Old Children)

Gorgeous Kimonos on Shichi-go-san. The shichi-go-san festival celebrates the 7th (shichi) and 3rd (san) birth years of young girls and 5th (go) birth years of young boys all around Japan in October. The celebration is simple and nice: Japanese people dress their children in beautiful kimonos and they pay a visit to a shinto shrine.

History of kimono - nice to see with year instead of period, yes it's nice to know it was for example, the Edo period, but I never can remember the year that matches

Traditional Japan

Portrait of a young girl in traditional dress during the Mewar Spring Festival, at Gangaur Ghat next to Lake Pichola

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Traditional Japanese Clothes :D for a special Festival especially for Kids

Hey!! That's me in those lederhosen! Well, not really, but it sure could have been. @Jo Jacobsen @Pat Murray-Nehring #Romantic Vacations Guide

Umakko festival, Japan

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Traditional Kimono dress women in Japan

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Vintage photo. Date unknown. Japan. S)

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Little girl in kimono