• Cathy Fisher Ludi

    Outdoor canning- this might save me money if it works! No outdoor oven!!

  • Shirley-Anne Alexander-Gabriel

    Outdoor canning...This link mentions ways around peeling the tomatoes. Helpful secret: Tomato skins (and other fruit skins) slip right off quickly if you just dip the whole fruit in boiling water for a sec. You can do a bunch at a time, in a basket or strainer. Then, use your hands to slide the peels off. I love the big outdoor pot idea.

  • Mary (Twinkle) Brady

    Outdoor canning,I've done this many a time. You can get a lot of jar in the wash tub, but it takes at least 4 hours.

  • Megan Davids

    Outdoor canning - I want an outdoor "kitchen"!!

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