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  • Diane Malloy

    Trebuchet Toaster: Set the angle and the force to target your plate. Too Cool (but I'd have to hide it when DJ came over...or buy LOTS of bread for his target practice!

  • jill alice

    The Brunch kitchen stuff

  • Jeffrey Qua

    Cool Brunch Kitchen Products

  • LUKE Haynes

    England-based designer Ivo Vos, ‘is a series of consumer products that celebrate the mundane. Bread Slicer facilitates even, uniform, precision – cuts. Toaster brings knowledge, skill and anticipation to the toasting of a slice of bread, set angle and force to exactly hit your plate.

  • 8bit Ego

    Toaster and Toast Launcher. You select the angle and initial velocity that you want your toast to come shooting out at. Breakfast is officially fun. #gadget #technology

  • Jamie Rollinson

    If we get one of. These u get breakfast in bed every day

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Glide Toaster. i am amazed. If i had this i think id eat toast all the time just to use it.

This is AWESOME, well that is if you are a nurse, but this previous ER nurse thinks it is! I bet the toast smells much better than skin after it has been "toasted"

Skull and bones toaster! If this doesn't just scream, "ANGEL NEEDS THIS!!!" then nothing does.

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You can write notes and then they will be toasted onto the bread....amazing

So funny. I'm hoping our toaster over breaks soon so I can convince my roommate that we should buy one.