I needed this today So true!! Love this need to remember this

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I really love this. We all need to remember this, myself included.


Pick your battles. You don't have to show up to every argument you're invited to. -Mandy Hale by deeplifequotes, via Flickr


Do you feel like handing in the towel? Here are 11 inspirational quotes to help you keep moving forward.

I need to remember this!


so true.

Need to remember this every day! <3

So true!

My life is mine and I can do what I damn well please without ever thinking about how other ppl will feel about it

“In this life we are all just walking up the mountain and we can sing as we climb or we can complain about our sore feet. Whichever we choose, we still gotta do the hike. I decided a long time ago singing made a lot more sense.”–Unknown Literally one of my favorite quotes.

So true....

SO true