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    Located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city of Mostar lies on the Neretva River, at the center of a plateau surrounded by high, barren mountains. In 1566 Ottoman architect Mimar Hairedin designed the city’s historic stone arch bridge, seen in the distance. In 1993 the bridge was destroyed by Bosnian Croats in a conflict that left the city divided between Croats and Bosnia.

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    16th century bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Wow, it looks like a fairy tale drawing.

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    Mostar Bridge Bosnia and Herzegovina 634x474 Beautiful Places to Spend your Summer Holiday

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    Stari Most is a 16th century Ottoman bridge in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina that crosses the river Neretva and connects two parts of the city.

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    Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the largest and one of the most important cities in the region. Mostar was named after the bridge keepers (natively: mostari) who in the medieval times guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over the Neretva. The Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most recognizable landmarks, and is considered one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans.

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Mostar, Bosnia Not so long ago, this idyllic scene suffered mightily during the conflict that racked the former Yugoslavia.

1970 Opel Kadett at the Mostar bridge 1970 Opel calender - Mostar, Bosnia-Hercegovina Sad to see this photo. I always likes it as a kid, and years later it was headline news all over the world, when it fell victim to the hostilities between the Croat and Bosnian people living there, no matter that it is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is rebuilt now, but still literally divides the people there.

Mostar and the Old Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Old Bridge over Neretva river in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina (via lassi.kurkijarvi)

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

Mostar Bridge, Hercegovina (i went here and watched people jump off the bridge from the cafe on the left of the bridge. also on the left, you can come down and swim in the water (very deep) Mostar is called it's name because in croatian "Most" means bridge. And mostar means the city of the bridge

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.... from previous pnner - for Teco who always talked about the bridge in Mostar, his hometown

Mostar Bridge, Bosnia

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Neretva River, Mostar and the Old Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina