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  • Kaile York

    Pumpkin unit -- laminate background record new student thoughts each year. Do this chart for Apple too

  • Love Bug

    {inside outside pumpkins}

  • Allison

    Pumpkin activity

  • Lisa Hunter

    Under The Big Top: Apples

  • Kati Bernard

    Pumpkin Investigation- a great Science Project- this shows the kinds of things you want G to say so think of questions to ask to get the thiniking happening. Be prepared to write a list like this that he says when you question. Let him draw and color. FUN LEARNING. MamaPat

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Apple Investigation Marisol Olivo I love this! it would help for vocab. they have a pumpkin version too. but i think it'd be better with real pictures

Lots of fall-themed crafts for preschoolers; use this "what's inside" pumpkin for Pumpkin themed story time

Grow a pumpkin inside a pumpkin science experiment

In this activity the kids will be looking at a pumpkin and doing a worksheet. The worksheet has questions like does a pumpkin float or sink. They will also count the seeds and be able to touch the inside of the pumpkin.

anchor chart pumpkins. I love this idea for a classroom, you can have the chart up for all of fall and refer to the words used to describe the outside and inside for writing activities. This Pumpkin investigation provides math and reading opportunities. The bottom portion gives the kids ownership over the chart and doing it as a class after reading a fun linked book would give the same feelings.

pumpkin math I do a whole week of this stuff every year in October. SO fun! I'll miss it this year. Maybe we can write about our pumpkins instead

Pumpkin measurement activity for preschoolers - great way to practice estimating too! Smartboard?

Pumpkin investigation sheet found in freebies

Open a pumpkin. Leave the "guts" inside. Add some soil, and just a little water. Look at all of the pumpkin plants that we'll have. Great to do with kids.