@Andrea Sebastian your mission, if you choose to accept it. . .

Humpty Dumpty | 17 Awesome Literary Halloween Costumes

SNAP, CRACKLE and POP Woman’s Group Costume

hot air balloon....best costume idea ever!!!

Halloween costume

Joker costume - spice things up, different from that boring sailor costume

Aw, that's hilarious!

Mouse In Trap costume. This is hilarious! Awesome Awesome

Little Edward Scissorhands - Homemade Halloween Costume. Oh good gracious, he's darling! LURVE elaborate costumes on kiddos. You just know the parent had as much fun making em. My mom was a costume designer... i had good ones. ;)

Such a cool kids costume!

Emma's Halloween costume

The Crow Scaring Cutie Cute costume for lil boy or girl

baby Gnome

Awesome halloween costume idea. The pregnant housewife and the "milkman" hahaha!

Baby Halloween Costumes

Up halloween costumes

"Deer Caught in Headlights" ha haha!

where the wild things are

too adorable....

Lmao. Too bad I'm not having any more kids, or I would totally do this!

Rainbow Brite!!