floating tones

beautiful colors- love this palette- makes me want to add a few pops of red into my master bedroom!!!

This palette - the personification of elegance and style in clothing and in the interior. Quiet dark gray that blends perfectly with the bright red and soft beige and cream, and a stylish burgundy puts the final accent. This combination of colors is perfect for the office or living room.

Peach Tones

Love the colors - not worth clicking for the link though...

floating tones

white yellow blue coral pink

purple and teal

ceremonial tones

Fall Color Palettes

cocoa tones

tulip tones

Beautiful Color Palette

fading season colors - that red is about the color of the couch we already have. Maybe the purple for the wingback chairs and grey for the walls?

holiday hues

spring chirp - love, Love, LOVE the cool ash tones! Ugh. I need a house to paint!

Love this 'the other side' color combo! For more kids room decorating and organizing ideas visit https://www.facebook.com/KidsRoomDecor you may find something you 'LIKE'

moonstruck hues

Absolutely love

Flora Tones: Forest Green, Plum, Wisteria Purple, Faded Lime and Moonraker Green Yellow