Love this idea!

I want family pics like this....Very cute idea!

For the basement? by Missslug

love this idea!

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Home office idea.

Idea !

Love this wall!

This could be a really great idea for the hallway

Love this idea

Gallery Wall with shelves - so easy to move frames around without tons of holes in the wall ::: this could work on our wall where it's impossible to hang things b/c of thermostat, doorbell & light switches!

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Fun idea for the loft

Perfect example of what I'm trying to come up with for my house. I just need subject matter!

canvas pix the two biggest ones in the middle are 16 x 25 the girl in the blue dress and green grass background is 14 x 21 the two squares are 10 x 10 the little boy and girl w/ the lollipop are both 8 x 12

Ideas for decorating the nook .. dont have a nook but love the idea

diy window ideas


I have a wall this would be perfect for

family photo wall