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Range, mode, median

Fifth grade math station at Scarborough Elementary

Love this math station. Students use playing cards to find range, median, and mode. Fun and simple activity! Playing cards fanned out in a holder are used to determine range, median, and mode. Have a game similar to this with playing cards.

Multiplication color-by-number FREE Printable Coloring Pages by mrs. sparkle

"Multiplication color by number (lots of varieties) This is an online activity that would be great for early finishers, or for kids who need extra math practice!" :: Some of my young grands are just plain smart, and like fun stuff like this!

Wow! This is a list of all the books you can use with every thread of math!!! It is totally amazing!!! PLUS...she keeps updating the list!  Amazing!

BOOK LIST - Math in Children's Literature - - A huge list of books that can be integrated into math lessons! The list is even divided by math topic.

Simply Elementary!: Math rotations ROCK!!!!

Fun in Fourth Grade: Math rotations ROCK! This is a great example of scheduling for guided math! If you look this picture over carefully, you are sure to find a new idea (or a lot of them!

De onderwijswereld barst van de ideeën. Ook op internet. Ik zoek dagelijks de leukste en beste ideeën voor je uit.

5 Hands-On Activities for Teaching Fractions that your Students will LOVE! Make mixed number from improper fractions

Thinking deeper about math. "The answer is ___." "What is the question?"

Monday Made It: Getting Bulletin Boards Started!

The question is.give an answer and students come up with a question. The Teacher Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Monday Made It: Getting Bulletin Boards Started!

Use playing cards to play "Fraction War" - this is a great way to learn fractions!!

How to play Fraction War. Fraction war is a suuuuuper fun game to play. It allows students to practice their fraction comparisons quickly in a slightly competitive way.

Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Math for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade.  | from Creekside Learning

Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Math for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Math for and Grade featured at Creekside Learning. This is a collection of awesome, meaningful Math center activities.

Mrs. Math Geek: 7th Grade Math Anchor Charts

Use the terminology "in the house","raise the roof", and "slide" as a trick to help kids remember decimal rules

CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.3.NF.A.2  a good visual worksheet to work on the different ways to represent a fraction. this website also holds more fraction worksheets to use

Daily 3 Math Standards Many worksheets to use with equivalent fractions and fractions on the number line. Also some comparing fractions worksheets.

Fun to start out a new year, maybe next year.

Math About Me: Figure Me Out! Beginning of the Year Math ~ Getting to know you activity. Can adapt and use from grades and up! From Shut the Door and Teach