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Keeping Cookies Fresh - store them with bread, which gives extra moisture to the cookies! Genius hack for bakers and cookie lovers :) This pin is brought to you by Coffee-mate #CMSmartCookie #BH #shop

1000 Life Hacks

Where have these been all my life?!

121 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money--cute list, this is a good idea for this summer :)

101 Creative Date Nights on a Dime

Nice things to do for your husband ... Just because!

Cinnamon wrapped candles

MOTHERS DAY IDEA!!!! These would make awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas and easy enough for the kids to make too!!!

How genius.

38 DIY Food Gifts

4 easy scholarships any student can win....(USA Today)

4 IMPORTANT things to do if you want to save money and pay off debt! This helped 2 teachers pay off their house in 33 months.

Candy bouquet... such a cute little idea!

Sharpie, bake 30 mins at 350- Dollar Tree mugs

"Life Binder:" One binder for each family member's important documents (for the "25 Documents You Need")

how to make great, inexpensive gift baskets, lists for different themed baskets--spa, beach/summer, gardening, culinary from CampClem blog

pool party ideas tarson pools syracuse NY

50 Questions to Ask your Spouse on a Date Night. Pretty interesting/deep questions that 1) don't really involve the kids and 2) probably don't come up on a regular basis!

#DIY Money jar. (Put an object on top that represents your goal to remind you what you're working towards... great incentive) -

Use a sunglasses case to store cords and cables in your bag...perfect for traveling

Married people should still date each other:) Date night jar made with color coded popsicle sticks. Red=$$$ and planning required Pink=minimal $ and spontaneous White=Stay at home date Cute ideas included!!!!! This is one of the best "date jars" I have seen

Monthly meal planning. This woman only spends about 350 dollars per month to feed a family of 6! She has some great ideas and her post was incredibly detailed. Great info to have on hand! *some yummy recipes on here

Teacher Treat Cup...As a teacher, I would love to have this as a gift. It's always great to have snacks in the classroom, and coffee mugs are great, but this is much more useful!!

Create a keepsake by turning your child’s favorite T-shirts—from schools, sports teams, and extracurricular activities—into a memory-filled quilt.

Cute Adult Birthday party ideas