So many awesome cat trees on this site.

WOHNBLOCK: Reading Cat Cat Tree....Can I get one for the living room? Need it in a darker stain but it's awesome. The Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Corner in White: Pet Supplies

Curvynest Cat Tree from Catswall Design

Stylish Feline Beds - The Palm Springs Lounge Modern Cat Bed is the Ultimate in Luxury (GALLERY)

I shall call him... Mini-Me

Cat tree

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Cat tree

cat see-saw

because cats!

The Lotus Cat Tree - possibly the most beautiful cat tree you will ever have in your home :)

cat tree... I can so make this!!

Exclusive scratching trees | Reading Cat |

Cat Tree

Cat tree

Nice to see an example of the drawings I could produce.

Cool Furniture For Pets. My cats would SO love that. I guess their coming with me to my dream house

Ikea Lack Shelf Made Into Cat Furniture Flickr Photo Sharing On

Cat Scratching Tree

cat shelves modern cat furniture alternative to the tree