So many awesome cat trees on this site.

WOHNBLOCK: Reading Cat Cat Tree....Can I get one for the living room? Need it in a darker stain but it's awesome. The Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Corner in White: Pet Supplies

Curvynest Cat Tree from Catswall Design

Cat tree

Stylish Feline Beds - The Palm Springs Lounge Modern Cat Bed is the Ultimate in Luxury (GALLERY)

Cat tree

1. Awesome kitty play space 2. Makes it hard for humans to grab us. 3. Total win!

Hide the box!


nts: try a version adding foam noodles on bottom of cutout so she can rest her head on it. Cat Tree Design Ideas, Simple DIY Cat Furniture

20 Diy Ideas How to Reuse Old Drawers. I could use one of these in every room!

♔ It's a cat's world

diy cat tree

DIY cat scratching post

Reminds me of me in grade school.


cat see-saw

Creative DIY Dog Beds ♡