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How Much is That Doggy Worth? (Infographic) As pet owners, we know that there is so much more than just buying food each day. This infographic summarizes just where the money goes for our pets.| Pet Care Costs & ASPCA | Caring for Dogs & Cats | LiveScience

You know to never leave your dog in a car, right? Keep your pup safe by lways choosing one of these five alternatives.

When owners are anxious, their pets may also become anxious! Using a calm voice and relaxed body language is essential for calming a pet

Perfectly describes Clary Sage... She ALWAYS wants a treat.

Canine CPR. I know for humans it's to "Stayin' Alive," but what's the song for dogs to keep the beat?

Dog CPR - Be sure you'll be ready if you need to perform CPR on your dog.

How to give Your Puppy CPR - this could save your pets life.

saving your pet with CPR.. it could happen.. yep.. I would do mouth to nose if it ment saving one of my babies...

The Benefits Of Owning A Dog. Love it!