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the japanese room...///////Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experince. www.bedreakustik....

beautiful Japanese style. Pillow. Japanese cushion. Tea. Tatami mat

engawa, shōji, tatami. so perfect room and wish there is one room like this in my future house!

Japanese traditional style house interior design / 和風建築(わふうけんちく) by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

Japanese Traditional Houses with an irori or sunken hearth. These are common in accommodations in Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture

Chaya delights 2 by Bernard Languillier, via Flickr

よーじやカフェ 銀閣寺店 / Yojiya Cafe Ginkaku-ji Temple Shop

Japonism (from the French Japonisme, first used in 1872[1]) is the influence of the Japanese art, culture, and aesthetics. The term is used particularly to refer to Japanese influence on European art, especially in impressionism.