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@Ryan Lawrance McGreer whipped this up today after seeing one too many hyper negative comment threads. please, please repin it if you feel similarly.


Why no unicorns…

This needs to be read a over and over, to be sure you get ALL of the points made here.

Please stop and consider before you comment on someone's pin. Do you want the right to pin what interests you? If a pin offends you, refrain from commenting; it keeps the pin in general circulation where you will see it over and over again. If you think the pin violates Pinterest's Terms and Conditions, report the pin by clicking the link to the right of the pin (while you are within the pin). If it does violates PT&C;, they will remove the pin. If you often see pins with upsetting…

from Bloglovin’


how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you


Do not judge a person, until you know their story…

Never ever judge a book by its cover. Always think twice before judging. Possibly one of the best pins on Pinterest.