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So very, very, very true.

ashen rose


"These wonderful delicate posters are created by Lotta Olsson using collected leaves,twigs, flowers and roots scanned and arranged in these tree like forms that are strangely scientific in their clean beautiful design, order and classification."

asperges violettes

Édouard Manet Bouquet of Peonies

Becca Stadtlander

relaxing at the sea

Emilie Ristevski.

Pastel peonies//

Vincent van Gogh

Orquídea Dendrobium smilliae.

Astrantia major a/k/a masterwort.


Artichoke - Julia Loken 2011 watercolor

★ℒ ★

Kimberly Hodges

The Anatomy of a Flower art print by Rachelignotofsky on Etsy, $23.00.

Yoko Nakajima

30monstera tropical leaves, apparel cotton, Tropical Botanical Vintage Hawaiian Fabric vintage style fabric.

Green Ferns

water lotus seed pod

Hyper-realistic Cactus Paintings that Bristle with Detail by Kwang-Ho Lee


Purple prickly pear cactus in flower | #floral #flower #cacti