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So incredibly true.. and while I tend to have a lot of pride, it is good to remember this tiny rule once in a while

Small Daily Motivation Quotes: This quote is so popular on the net its hard to trace it back to the artist. However it is Dr. Seuss's quote, which I have been a fan of his since I was little. His words are very beautiful therefore the design and bright le

Quote: Hard Times Reveals True Friends

True friends and loving family. We all sin, just in different stupid ways. And if you think you haven't yet....wait a few years, you will. I promise. You're human too, and it will be alright if you have the right friends to be there with you through it.

Aside from blogging about my outfits, I spend a lot of time online studying fashion and saving way too many inspirational photos. So I thought, why not share them with you too! If you like this idea, it may have to become a weekly blogging staple. What...