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    Inspirational Quotes for 7/15/11

    Well I didn’t get to do a quote post last Friday because my blog crashed, so I moved it to a new server on Friday. Exciting stuff I tell you! So I’ve been gathering quotes up to be able to share with you. Enjoy! Photo Quote created by Meg Wills Have a great weekend everyone! And if you have time you...
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    but sadly... those expectations enable us to let our own selves down. :(

    over-thinking ruins you

    This is the only way problems will be solved. Just look at science. Theories are disproven in order to be proven. Not all scientists took the same practical means in order to discover their theories. They tested their experiments differently from the aforementioned scientists.


    I just want you. All your flaws, mistakes, smiles, giggles, jokes, sarcasm, habits. Everything. I just want you.

    Everyone deserves to feel wanted and special once in awhile.

    She's the girl I know.

    love your self #quote


    Christopher Poindexter

    That's my current experience. I have all these feelings and thoughts about you and have no clue how to let it out.

    It's ok to be a little overweight!

    I know some people like this. They use stimulation as a means to feel. It's sad.

    "Don't let insecure thoughts ruin something amazing." Don't let what happened in the past carry in to your present and future.

    Love that feeling. I remember & am reminded every time my husband hugs me and makes me laugh (because usually they go sweetly hand in hand). You just know. Don't be in a hurry & never give up when things feel they're falling apart. True love is not a fairy tale & worth even the painful times. Secure, confident joy in love comes later... After the hills and valleys. Wait for it.

    The biggest regret in your life will be asking yourself those "what if's"....I say go for it...ease your mind...and fall in love!!

    So true!

    And sometimes we choose better for ourselves.

    women. believe in what you have been given. don't miss use just because the world says different.

    Sad truth.