diy ripped jeans

how to distess jeans razor Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans

ripped jeans

DIY Distressed Jeans #jeans #DIY

DIY Fashion: How to make holes in your jeans

seriously? hemming jeans are really this simple?!

Great video on how to distress you own jeans, I never would have know to do it like this! ▶ DIY: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans | LaurDIY - YouTube

PRETTY PROVIDENCE: DIY Mint Jeans! I followed this tutorial and was SO happy with the results. I used "RIT" brand dye in the color teal. Way easy tutorial for even a beginner sewer to do. LOVED IT! I am so excited to wear the pants I made tomorrow!

DIY bow on the back shirt {inspired by Valentino}

How to get the perfect holes in you jeans. 1. Cut the jeans in 1 cm apart as desired. 2. With Tweezers start taking out the blue threads. This is the end result. Add another step by Acid Washing that's another Tutorial. DOING THIS.

How to Make Your Own Ripped Jeans!

How to fix obvious.

Can I suggest taking the jeans OFF before taking a grater to your leg? -SH

Hemming pants while leaving original hem. Quick & easy, perfect for jeans, corduroy or any pant material. Idea works even better with a serger!

For my kiddos pleading to have holes in their jeans. Here we go.

Ripped jeans DIY

Fix skinny jeans too big. Going to need this in the future:)

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