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Hahahahahaha I'm easily amused :)

Omg I laughed too hard at this...

Carrianne Fairbairn Bah haha, this is so Luca. I left my soup on the island to go walk Champ, I come back in and he's slurping away! Ahh...gotta love cats!

I ♥ old RP games! And I would seriously dig one that required me to take a kitten along. #Lolcats

This is my new favorite picture! hahaha

I hate when people don't spell words properly, but this is hilarious bc it reminds me of my cat, Socks. He is a milk fiend. LOL :)

None of my guys would have the patience or tolerance to wear all of this! This cat is awesome!

As the previous pinner said: "I've never trusted a door so much in my entire life."