High and Low Light Plants, by the Ficus Wrangler, aka my mom.


10 Easy Houseplants

Top 10 House Plants that Clean the Air

10 Easy Houseplants To Grow

10 Air Purifying House Plants - Is it possible to have too many house plants?

Yellow Leaves. Secrets of the Green Thumb by the Ficus Wrangler. (full disclosure: this is my mom on the video. How a professional horticulturist ended up with a perpetual plant killer as a daughter is beyond me.)

10 most common types of succulents houseplants that are alluring and easy to care.

The Rubber plant (Ficus robusta) requires little light and tolerates lower temperatures than tropical plants. It's particularly effective at removing formaldehyde from the air. Photo: endenizen/Flickr

10 Plants That Clean The Air Inside Your Home

house plant list : 1. aloe 2. christmas cactus 3. philodendron 4. snake plant 5. donkey’s tail plant 6. lemon lime plant 7. begonia 8. silver philodendron 9. string of bananas plant 10. jade 11. angle wing begonia 12. swiss cheese plant 13. z plant 14. chinese money plant


ZZ plant, Low Light Houseplant


Houseplants #6: How to figure your light

water plants

Houseplants #3: Tools for testing soil moisture

Succulents - wow

amazing plant.

'Hidcote' Lavender (lavendula angustifolia) - one of the cold hardiest English lavenders, loves sun and well drained soil, 20" H, highly scented dark purple flowers, good hedging plant, needs 6 - 8 hours of sun