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Part five: Politics and protest

Whether it's old classics passed down through generations or the scream of angry young voices, protest has always been at the centre of rock'n'roll


THE NUMBER: How the Drive for Quarterly Earnings Corrupted Wall Street and Corporate America (Paperback)

The Number: How the Drive for Quarterly Earnings Corrupted Wall Street and Corporate America

Removed | | The year is 3103, and the Earth is dying. One of the last remaining pockets of survivors are preparing for the inevitable future � they either find a way off the planet or be left behind to die.Sanaa Griffin is ripped from the job she always loved and reassigned to work for the mysterious Mark Sakai. Her task: spy on the corrupt leaders of the city who are playing politics and pulling strings in the hopes of earning a ticket…

The City of Babylon was known for luxuries and wealth and was compared to a prostitute in the Bible but her powerful art of seduction ultimately earned God's wrath with her fall. Let us avoid corruption of gross excess that catapults us so far into our WANTS that we cease to recognize NEED. Sometimes moderation in a culture of excess can be more challenging than abstinence. Stay alert to Satan's seductions offering only false fulfillments for any taker. We must be careful not to let the…

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation.

Africa's New Oil: Power, Pipelines and Future Fortunes (African Arguments) - The development of Africa's oil has greatly accelerated in recent years, with some countries looking at the prospect of almost unimaginable flows of money into their national budgets. But the story of African oil has usually been associated with conflict, corruption and disaster, with older producers such as Nigeria having little to show for the many billions of dollars they've earned. In this eye-opening book,


com | Cheapest copy of Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich by Peter Schweizer | 0062369288 | 9780062369284 - Buy sell and rent cheap textbooks, books and more

In 2000, Bill and Hillary Clinton owed millions of dollars in legal debt. Since then, they’ve earned over $130 million. Where did the money come from? Most people assume that the Clintons amassed their wealth through lucrative book deals and high-six figure fees for speaking gigs. Now, Peter Schweizer shows who is really behind those enormous payments.In his New York Times bestselling books Extortion and Throw Them All Out, Schweizer detailed patterns of official corruption in Washington…