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Gail Tremblay (Onondaga/Mi´kmaq, b. 1945), Strawberry and Chocolate, 2000. 16mm film and fullcoat, height 229 cm. Photo by Ernest Amoroso, NMAI.

The National Museum of the American Indian's Circle of Dance collection shows the vibrant, meaningful, and diverse form of cultural expression in dance. (Photo: Ernest Amoroso)

Hopi Native American Indian Baskets, - Hopi Kachina Design Coil Basket

#InkaRoad opens June 26, 2015! Khipu were Inka recording devices made of wool or cotton strings knotted in various ways and sometimes dyed different colors. They were composed of a primary cord from which hang secondary cords that carry the information. Khipu were used to record census reports, the movement of goods and people, historical events, and religious and military information. Inka khipu, AD 1400–1600. Nasca region, Peru. Cotton, 103 x 48 cm. NMAI 17/8825

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16 People Who Really Know How To Take A Summer Photo

This fella’s best friend: | 16 People Who Really Know How To Take A Summer Photo

Mi'kmaq quillwork purse: 1850-1900 dyed and natural porcupine quill, birchbark, spruce root and wood - Museum of New Brunswick / Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick

Sarah Sockbeson, Basket, brown ash, sweetgrass, and antler, 4 x 3 1/2 inches; on view in "You Can’t Get There From Here: The 2015 Portland Museum of Art Biennial," Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME, October 8, 2015 - January 3, 2016.

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How to Photograph the Night Sky (Corina's Corner)

One of my favorite things to photograph is the night sky. I am always looking for excuses to escape the city lights and stay up late to take pictures of the stars. I am continually trying to improve m

Sculpture: Bobby Koeuna (Bering Strait Inupiaq, King Island), miniature mask and stand. Alaska, 1980–90. Ivory, sinew, owl feather/feathers, ink; 20 x 16 x 4 cm. NMAI 25/9998, transferred from the Indian Arts and Crafts Board Collection, Department of the Interior. Photo by R.A. Whiteside, NMAI. To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, every day in November the museum will highlight an illustration from the museum's collections.