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Old West Cowgirl - Marie Lords in 1861 said “A cowgirl gets up early in the morning, decides what she wants to do, and does it.”

Morning White Dove Elvis' great, great, great grandmother. She was full blooded Cherokee Indian. Elvis was 1/16 Cherokee.

*ANNIE OAKLEY - born Phoebe Ann Moses in Ohio in 1860. Sharpshooter, 1st American female superstar. More info, worth the read at

Whirling Horse American Indian Sioux Chief. Dry plate negatives--1890-1910. May have been a member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Annie Oakley & Frank Butler She died in 1927. He died 17 days later. They had been married 50 years.

At 6' tall, he stood a head above the crowd. Wearing his signature red bandana and fringed buckskin jacket, he was a sight at Wild West shows. Arizona Charlie Meadows, often called "King of the Cowboys", travelled around the world as part of one Wild West show after another.