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How to Make a Saline Solution for a Cat's Wound Care

by Kent Page McGroarty
If your cat has suffered some kind of injury that has resulted in an open wound, use a homemade saline solution to treat it. Saline solution makes a safe topical treatment for fresh-wound care. Use it by itself or in conjunction with other treatments. For instance, you might clean deep wounds with s...
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    Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cat Urine

  • Sarah Dixon

    How to Get Cat Urine Out of Air Vents. Anyone who has had a cat urinate on carpet can attest that cat urine is a strong, noxious odor that is hard to remove. When a cat urinates somewhere other than the litter box, the cat may be sick or may be acting out and marking its territory. Regardless of what the circumstances are, if your cat urinates on an air vent in your house, you must...

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    How to Clean Cat Pee Out of Air Vents

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    How to Make Cat Houses From Rubbermaid Totes

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How to Treat a Cat's Wound - Disfruta de la salud de tu mascota. Encuentra al veterinario perfecto y resuelve cualquier duda sobre tu mascota.

"Hello, Clarice." I ate my last owners liver with "some fava beans and nice chianti" Hannibal the cat Evil!!!!

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Science recently discovered that when cats drink, they pretty much defy gravity. The tongue barely brushes the surface of a liquid before darting quickly back up, forming a column of water between the moving tongue and the surface of the liquid. Then the cat's jaws snap closed around this column of water, and the cat swallows it. Boom -- a refreshing drink, feline-style.


cat ♥ Louie had been waiting a full 2 minutes for his chicken samich. You see him here in utter despair from having to wait any length of time at all. His family is sweet but not very bright. Will no one notice his suffering?

I just cannot put into words how adorable this is. It makes my heart flood with happiness when I see it :)

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