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  • Erin Buskey

    colorful garden path for kids: Sensory Garden Ideas

  • Beth Woods

    Colorful garden path for kids... I think I'd make it a yellow brick road & name my garden Oz. :)

  • Traci Oakley

    Looks like a life-sized candyland game... OPS: colorful garden path - cool idea for kids

  • Jamie Ingle

    colorful garden path - cool idea for kids garden

  • Jennifer Curley

    colorful garden path - cool idea for kids - looks like candy land game board

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My husband and I want to do this over our long driveway. Of course it would take a while and most likely our next generations would be the ones to enjoy it not us. But still would be worth it.

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SBG thinks this is shows the result of tile sample gathering - beg them off stores or dumpster dive behind them. Amazing how much ceramic tile gets tossed.

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Hopscotch pavers in the garden - how cute is that! .... making a paver path from our patio to the kids playset so kids wouldnt have to walk in muddy grass.... this would be adorable and perfect !!

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Bellingham Garden - I love this idea for a garden path - flat stone, mos, other keepsakes....the idea of fixing keepsakes into your home garden pathway is a phenomenal way to leave 'legacy' where you have lived. Incredible opportunity to leave special marbles, heirloom toys, broken china cups, shells from vacation, etc....

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