A Doxie in doxie jammies!

OMG - I can't bear the cuteness.

sunbathing doxies

And this dog who is just plain killing it. | 38 Dogs Who Won 2014

Not a morning Doxie! Lol. http://www.critterzoneusa.com/

doxie love

I love my Doxie!

a full house or is it couch? black and tan, chocolate, red, piebald

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Short & Sweet dachshund poster

Doxie power! Who needs Rudolph anyways!


A dachshund attached to a dachshund-sized float with a cabin and German flag prepares to waddle in a parade

hahaha cutee!!!

Doxies in love = <3

It's a TIMONSTER!!! lol! 14 years of having my mini-weiner dog by my side, on my lap or behind my knees ~ the only day I regret? The day that he went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me ♡


Hanging around

wiener king

Dachshund or doxie necklace captures the adorable doxie silhouette outline silver tone lobster claw clasp

♥♥♥ dauchshund dauchshunds weenier weeniers weenie weenies hot dog hotdogs doxie doxies ♥♥♥