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    • Lauren Kirkland

      want todays wifi password? first....... When the girls get older totally doing this. Forget kids, I'm using this on my husband!

    • kjoyist .

      Is This the Best or the Most Evil Parenting Trick Ever? Chores to get the WiFi password of the day.

    • Mona Effler

      Great idea! Some smart mommy somewhere changes the wifi password everyday and only gives it to her kids after they have done their chores. Love it!!!!

    • Rachel Smith

      I don't know who had the genius idea—and courage—to stick this post-it on their fridge door but, as evil as it may seem for kids all around the world, it's the best parenting tip I've ever seen on this age of underage internet junkies.

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    Instead of arbitrarily giving kids an allowance, allow them to choose the chores they want to do so they can earn as much money as they want. Dave Ramsey talks about this.

    Genius! MUST remember this when my girls get older. Heehee.

    I realize that what I'm looking for isn't perfection but a way to make space to be the parent I want to be.

    31 Biblical Virtues to pray for your kids (based on 31 Ways To Pray For Your Kids by Bob Hostetler)

    Lol I wish I'd thought of this back when there were people who wouldn't get the hint to quit talking to me because I didn't care.

    Bathroom towel hook with mason jar for hygeine goodies. I love this for getting stuff OFF the bathroom sink!

    We Are Not Your Friends Parenting Quote Saying Distressed Wooden Sign

    Creative Punishment - This is utterly brilliant. As a kid, I would've managed well with this....and the laundry.

    Whoever Wrote This Graffiti Is A Genius! So funny!