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BINGO board. When a kid is doing what he/she is supposed to be doing and I catch him/her, that student then gets to sign his/her name in a box. At the end of the day, I roll a dice for the letter and the number. The student gets a simple reward. - Good Behavior Management!

Bingo Behavior - when kids are caught being good they write their name somewhere on the BINGO chart. At the end of the day roll the dice and the names on that square get a prize. Bonus die has colors on it for when the class is super good - roll it and everyone on that color gets a prize. Erase and start again the next day.

Reward system- they get a piece to a puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, they earn a reward prize. this would work great for so many things!

The Teaching Thief: Classroom Bingo Board - Classroom Management Tool. Pick a class goal (like walking quietly in hall). Every time the class does well, a kid draws a number card, mark the bingo spot.

from More Than a Worksheet

behavior blocks

behavior blocks…a super easy behavior management idea. No clips or or charts to keep track of. From More Than a Worksheet --- Interesting concept! I'd love to see this flushed out.

behavior management tool. Instead of putting stickers on their hands, Kids collect their stickers in a book and then "cash" in their stickers for rewards. I really like this because it would be so easy to keep up with.