Could put this in a playroom.. in this house we....

Options for those early finishers in your classroom.

Love this idea for class rules

Great classroom organization ideas! i really like the blog!

Spring Classroom door!

Love this classroom quote!

Classroom Organization

Love this idea!! Clutter-Free Classroom: Birthday Displays - Setting Up the Classroom Series


In my classroom...

FREE Call Backs (Attention Getters) for the primary classroom

So doing this for my kids for the end of the year!!! Such a cute and easy idea!!

Clutter-Free Classroom: Posted "Letter" To The Class {INSPIRED}

Cute classroom door

Cute idea, Im so lucky to have you in my class. First day of school snack? I think so!

One of my favorite "Important Info" binders I've found so far. This one is really nicely organized.

Safe spot (instead of a time out). I like this idea of a safe spot to calm down and think. This blogger has a lot of interesting thoughts on behavior as well.

Gem Jar - behavior incentive for entire class. ) Gem Jar - This is a classroom management idea I use to reward whole class behavior. I have a cut out of a jar taped to my whiteboard. There are also a bunch of magnetic gems. When the class WOW's me, I add a gem to the class jar. When other classes compliment our behavior in the hallway, the cafeteria, or Related Arts, I add a gem. When the class fills the whole jar, I let them vote on their class reward. We've done Pajama Day, Popcorn Party, ...

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

classroom door idea