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doing this in January. its a 5k run, u wear a white shirt, and at every markerof how far youve gone, a color sprays on u, at the end u look like a rainbow! cant wait :)

Be able to run a mile easily and rather quickly. Working on this everyday!

I always have been a bit of a country bumpkin at heart

Of course, we'd have to plan it and get babysitters and pet sitters and all that... and we'd have to come BACK... but I'd love to 'run away' with my husband for a little while.

When you are able to fast walk 13 minutes per mile you are at a jogging pace but saving your knees. Get your iPod going. The first 1.5 miles make you want to quit BUT the endorphins kick in shortly thereafter and four miles is a no brainer. Three times a week and you can eat what you want and wear all the great outfits you have repinned

I've done many 5km races....but the one on my bucket list is "Run to Wrigley" related, of course ;-)

On my bucket list I want to participate in a color run! finally did it! JB5k 2013 at iu

Slovenia. The water is so clear it looks like their boat is floating.

a walk was nice enough and I got to see "strawberry fields" memorial to Lennon

Hang gliding in Rio!! For my avid hang glider pilot husband, he would love it!

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