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    Landforms Poem Flip book.

    • Kendall Thompson

      This poem book could not only be used for science but also language arts because it is a landforms poems that they write out and memorize. Writing poetry and remembering it is a great teaching tool when teaching younger children because it keeps them engaged for the whole lesson. -KT

    • Ashley Bosley

      Landforms Poem Flipbook. I would use this so that students could remember just what each landform is. This gives the students a good description of common landforms, but in a fun and entertaining way. I would have the students make this flip book after I gave the introduction to the lesson on landforms. Once they have completed the flip book, they will be able to use it when completing other activites done in class over landforms.

    • Erin Tierney

      Landforms Poems (put on the back of each part of the flip book)

    • Krista Lipnisky

      Landforms Poem Flip book. State reports.

    • Lori Grady Andrews

      Landforms Poem Flip book. 4th grade?

    • Sasha Akroosh-Ramirez

      Landforms Poem

    • Lyndsey Hurtado

      Landforms Poem Flip book.

    • Tammy .

      Landform Poems (done)

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