Elvis Presley Cake {it's a Hunka Hunka good cake!! Wait til you try the frosting!}

A easy to make and very good frosting

Easy Vanilla Cream Filling (for cream puffs, crepes, etc.)

Italian cream puffs with vanilla whipped cream- a very easy recipe!

Coffee Brownies. I think we could call these a breakfast food

Best Frosting Ever- Combine 1 cup of milk and small box of instant vanilla pudding, set aside. Whip together 8 oz of cream cheese and 12 oz carton of Cool Whip. Whip in pudding. Refrigerate while cake cools. Ice and enjoy this lovely light icing.

Cake mix, Oreos, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips. These are unbelievable!!!.

The Perfect Crusting Buttercream Recipe ~ Use this frosting on any cake that you want the frosting to be able to hold its shape!

Banana Pudding Popcorn

Banana Pudding"

Homemade Microwave Baileys Fudge: 14 ounces Condensed Milk 5 ounces Butter 8 1/2 ounces Caster Sugar 8 1/2 ounces Soft Brown Sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract 2 tablespoons Baileys

The Best Frosting {a.k.a. Magical Frosting}

Very Vanilla "Twinkie" Bundt Cake - love the tunnel of creamy, marshmallowy filling!

The BEST Cornbread EVER!!

Mini apple pies -- awesome thanksgiving idea!!

Cannoli Poke Cake - vanilla cake topped with cannoli filling icing!

Better than sex cake: 1 box devils food cake, 1 can sweetened cond. milk, 1 jar caramel, a few Heath Bars, 1 container whip cream. Cook cake according to direc. in 13x9 pan. Cool then stab all over with spoon. Pour whole amount of milk AND caramel all over cake. Let soak in. Make whip cream, spread on cake. Smash Heath Bars into pieces and top off cake. You're welcome!

Best Sugar Cookie Frosting Ever

Use our jumbo plain frosting tip for decorating cupcakes, cakes and cookies! This tip can create large borders on cakes, fill whoopie pies or pastries and help you frost a batch of cupcakes in a flash! This tip can also be used for piping your choux dough for homemade eclairs. Don't forget to grab some disposable frosting bags to make clean up a breeze! COUNT: 1 frosting tip SIZE: 5/8" diameter at the tip (1.59 cm) NOTE: The frosting tips are made of stainless steel. USE & CARE: To use large and jumbo frosting tips you do not need a plastic coupler to secure them in the frosting bag. Simply drop the tip into the bag and snip the bottom so there is just enough space for the very end of the frosting tip to poke through. To extend the life of your frosting tips hand wash in hot soapy water immediately after use and allow to air dry before storing. NEED MORE: Multiple quantities are listed. If you need more than what is shown available please contact us and we would be happy to check our stock.Have more questions: see our shipping, general & product FAQ pages.

Make your own Sweetened Condensed Milk. So easy you will never buy it again!