• Cyndie

    Drumbrella Turns Rain Into Beats | IPPINKA

  • Elizabeth Lowe

    Hope this goes into production - this is an umbrella I'd actually be happy to carry! Rain Drum umbrella, turn raindrops into drum beats

  • Cher Moore

    Percussion Precipitation Protection - The Rain Drum Umbrella by Dong Min Park (GALLERY)

  • Jerry Chang

    The Rain Drum is an invention in the concept stage by Dong Min Park. It’s an umbrella that features various drum sounds that activate when rain drops hit the umbrella.

  • rhonda ashby

    This Rain Drum umbrella is one of 50 creative umbrella designs.

  • Wamli

    Rain Drum. Yep, that's an umbrella for a musical walk in the rain. Now, if only we could get some consistent rain down to Dubai...hmmm. :) | #rain #umbrella #music #sound #RainDrum #design

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Rain Drum: The shade of the umbrella is made up of five different wax cloths, to imitate the different frequency of the hi-hat, crash, tom-tom, bass and snare. So next time you’re in the rain with such an umbrella, you’ll surely experience something new and enjoyable.

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