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Winter Storm Kayla to Bring Heavy Snow, Blizzard Conditions to West, Plains, Upper Midwest (FORECAST)

composite meteor shower image, this one from the 2010 Perseids Meteor Shower as seen in Teller County, CO. Here I am looking more or less behind the radiant of the shower looking west into the Milky Way

31 Spectacular Views Of Earth From Space

Storms over Southern California, with lightning and city lights visible through the clouds. Courtesy of the crew of Expedition 36 aboard the International Space Station.

detached prominence off the limb of the Sun - Alan Friedman used a filter that lets through only a very narrow wavelength of light emitted by hydrogen (called Hα for those of you keeping track at home), so this tracks the activity of gas on the solar surface. He also inverts the image of the solar disk (makes it a negative) to increase contrast. Somehow this adds a three-dimensional quality to the picture, and reveals an amazing amount of texture.

Sutter's Mill Meteorite by P. Jenniskens & Eric James Remnants from last week's fireball meteor over California & Nevada

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks

Watched the Lyrid meteor shower last night. Very cool. Excellent conversation about space with the kids too.