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  • Chelsea Spoto

    summer bucket list great idea if you have kids or if you dont

  • ally ralston

    Love this summer "bucket" list!!! Thinking to take pics of each one and eventually hang on a line with the matching clothes pin

  • Laura LeSieur

    Cute Idea! summer bucket list - labeled clothes pins around a bucket

  • Rae Guinn

    summer bucket list, do this with the family for a fun summer activity!

  • YMCA of the East Bay

    #Summer Bucket List. What do you and your family want to do this summer? A unique and fun way to keep those boredom blues away. #Kids, #DIY

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Summer family bucket list. Activities written on clothes pin. When complete put pin in bucket. Or maybe family prayer requests.

Summer Bucket List - We did this a couple summers ago except put them on folded slips of paper and into a jar. Once a week we'd pull a slip. We had a really great summer that year.

Fun idea to beat summer boredom...make a list of things to do before it even begins!

This inspires me mostly because of the person behind it. If I can be half the amazingly creative mom that Christine Cherie is, I will be truly blessed! #Christine created a "Summer Bucket List" for her and her 3 kids & hubby. I LOVE IT!!

Literal Summer Bucket List. I LOVE this idea! Keeping it somewhere that I can see all the things we want to do and actually DO them

We did a much lamer version of this... only on paper, on the fridge... it's a good idea though!

as a gift: write things you want to do with someone on clothespins. they throw clothespins in the bucket once completed

Summer Bucket List - I'm going to have the kids tell me what they want to do over the summer and we'll pin it to the board and try to accomplish each one during the summer. I might have to limit it to 3-4 things per kid. 😁

fill eqq shells with paint and throw them at a canvas. I must do this now!

I printed this and cut out all the options and put them in a "summer bucket list" bucket to draw one a day.