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  • Megan Mann

    Andrew Lee Potts - as the Hatter in "Alice". He has to be one of my favorite Hatters.

  • Hannah Stixrud

    <3'd Andrew Lee Potts as The Mad Hatter - I LOVE Alice, one of the BEST Alice in Wonderlands EVER!!!

  • Aidel Fernandez

    Dear Hatter, You are perfect. Thanks for ruining any chance I had of finding a suitable boyfriend. You British guys ruin everything. Love forever, Single, nerdy Spanish girl.

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"The moment when he became one of my favorite characters." I agree. He was just such a lost boy...

Day 5- Fave male character and why: Fred and George Weasley (they really count as one, being twins and all). These two were the heart and soul of the Potter series (both the books and the movies). When things were dark, they brought humor, gags and lightheartedness. When we lost the one, it was felt by everyone.

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I LOVE THIS KID. Like, you don't even understand. I wanted him to play Peeta. And Finnick. And Gale. And maybe even Katniss. Just because he's so great he could pull them all off with no problem. Possibly even buttercup.

Sebastian Stan. Going to miss him but I am totally excited at the prospect of a second OUAT show!

The vampire diaries. "I show up to work and bite hot chicks every day. It could be worse.".... Seriously dude,I totally agree!