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    Medieval ice skates made from animal bones : 1100

    • Faith Saffioti

      Bone Ice skates - 1100s. Similar to Viking Age bone ice skates. What was life like for children in medieval London? Medieval ice skates.

    • Lydia James

      Ice skates made from bone - (Used when the marshes of Moorfield froze in winter) - Museum of London - 12th century

    • Darcy Ogle

      "Londoners went sliding on the ice with shin bones of animals strapped to the soles of their feet." --Adam of the Road Ch. 20. This is a picture of Medieval ice skates made from animal bones -- Circa 1100 -- Museum of London

    • Wim Slingerland

      Bone Ice Skates (Used when the Marshes of Moorfield froze in Winter), 12th Century.

    • Scott Perkins

      Not shoes, but ice skates made from bone. 12th century. h/t Museum of London, UK

    • Thunderwolf (Tsahizn)

      Medieval Ice Skates (Made from animal bones) -- 1100 -- British Museum, London

    • Sasha Lambert

      1100 CE. Medieval Ice Skates made from animal bones. British Museum, London

    • Jeanne Chauvin

      patin à glace : Medieval ice skates made from animal bones, c.1100

    • Avant Gardenist

      §§§ : Medieval ice skates made from animal bones : 1100

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